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Fire Cavity Management Solutions

Cavity Fire Barrier

A1 Rated Fire Cavity Trays

We are the leading installer of A1 rated cavity trays/DPCs. These trays are engineered to comply with BS 8215:1991 "Design and Installation of Damp-Proof Courses in Masonry Construction". Guaranteed for the life of the building (75+ years), these trays offer peace of mind for building cavity protection.

Cavity trays are fully adjustable to allow flexibility and responsiveness to each situation. This allows for tolerances in brickwork and other masonry work.

Just as you would expect, the cavity trays are made bespoke to your particular requirements. We understand that no two projects are the same and wall cavities come with their own complexities. Therefore, the trays are designed for your project, complete with technical drawings.

Vision are the leading UK installers for cavity trays. The correct installation of trays is a crucial aspect of their effectiveness. Because we are specifically trained, we understand the niche requirements for fixing and fitment.

"Cavity Trays conform to BS 8215:1991 and are guaranteed for the building life (75yrs +)."

Cavity Insulation

Cavity Insulation

Cavity or Soffit slabs are designed as a key line of defence in fire protection. They are compressed between inner and outer brickwork or masonry blocks to provide a highly effective resistance layer to the spread of fire in a building.

They are generally made from a dense wool fibre material and aluminium or tissue outer face. They are also usually made from a non-combustible material or coating. Alongside their excellent properties for fire resistance, they also offer acoustic and thermal benefits to a building. Essentially, they close the gaps that allow drafts, which can also lead to increases in fire spread. With fewer or no gaps, fire cannot be pushed through a cavity as easily.

All insulation products we use are designed to meet "British Standards" for fire resistance, thermal efficiency and acoustics. There are all flexible with the ability to cut and shape as necessary.

Key benefits to using Cavity Insulation.

Key Benefits
Non-combustible for better fire resistance
Excellent thermal properties
Excellent acoustic damping
Lightweight and easy to handle
Easy to cut and shape to fit the requirements
No fixings required to install

Cavity Channel Restraints

Cavity Channel Restraints

In situations where an internal wall course and outer wall course do not match up, traditional wall restraints can't be used. This is where cavity restraint channels lend themselves.

The retraint channel is generally fixed to the inner wall. Once the channel is in place, it is then ready to accommodate a compatible tie affixed to the outer wall.

Cavity Fire Stops

Cavity Channel Restraints

Cavity Fire Stop Socks are used in between inner and outer wall panels. They are compressed between the panels and generally made of a non-combustible material, wrapped in an outer polythene. They are somewhat similar to insulation panels, but they are designed more specifically to restrict fire and smoke spreading.

They tend to be smaller and more block like in appearance and are compressed between the inner and outer wall. They need no fixings and offer the additional benefit of sound damping and draft reduction.

How can Vision help with Cavity Management?

Cavity Solutions

We are the leading "one-stop shop" installers of cavity management solutions in the UK. We have exclusive arrangements with some of the UK's leading manufacturers of cavity related products. We can either supply and fit, or just fit if you already have a supplier.

Your peace of mind with using Vision to handle your cavity management requirements, is knowing that all our fitters are employed and trained by us specifically as installers. We are members of most construction industry associations and are leading the way for training and safety regarding installation of GRC and other construction support materials.

What Our Customers Say

Cara Brickwork

Cara Brickwork Ltd have always used Vision for a number of years on various projects. We have always found them to be proactive and work in a safe and professional manner.

They support our site managers well, working to overcome problems faced and they are always fully equipped to carry out the job to a high standard.